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Houston, Texas


Sunday September 7, 2014 - Wednesday September 10, 2014


Emissions Testing of Pressure Assisted Flare Burners
Vance Varner - Dow Chemical CompanZach Kodesh - John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Hydrogen and syngas flares-comparison between experimental data and model predictions
Derek Miller - Air Products

CFD Prediction of Visible Flame Height for Pressure-assisted Flares
Mike Henneke, Shirley Chen & Kevin Leary - John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Achieving Environmental Compliance through Proper Destruction Efficiency of Low-Profile Flare Systems
Joseph Smith - Systems Analyses & Solutions, Inc.; Scot Smith - Zeeco, Inc.

Emissions Estimation Methodologies for Industrial Flares
Kevin Marr, Nicolas Ponchaut, & Harri Kytomaa - Exponent, Inc.

Modeling CO and Estimating Combustion Efficiency with Flamelet-Generated Manifolds in Flares
Anchal Jatale, Muhammad Sami, Stefano Orsino & Philip Smith - Ansys, Inc. & University of Utah

Combustion Efficiency of Flares and the Effects of Wind
John H. Pohl, Energy International; Nicholas R. Soelberg, Idaho National Laboratory; James G. Seebold, Chevron (retired)

Evaluation of Electric Power Generation from Sugar Cane Waste
John H. Pohl - Energy Int'l; William N. Gilfillan - Queensland Univ. of Tech.; Terry J. Dixon - Dixon Solutions

Oxygen Enhanced Biomass Combustion
Yuan Xue, Hwanho Kim, Kenneth Kaiser, Steven Owen & Dale Tree - Air Liquide & Brigham Young University

Oxy-Coal Power Boiler Simulation and Validation Through Extreme Computing
P. Smith, J. Thornock, Y. Wu, S. Smith, B. Isaac: The University of Utah, and P. Chapman, D. Sloan, D. Turek, Y-M. Chen, A. Levasseur: Alstom Power

Oxy-fuel Combustion in the Claus Process and Using CFD Modeling in Burner Design Optimization
Xiaoping Tian, Andrew Richardson, Bernhard Schreiner-Linde Engineering North America, Inc.

Efficient and Reliable Use of the "Bottom of the Barrel" for Steam/Power Generation
Bob Schrecengost, Ed Henry, Tracy Midgley, Olaf Stallmann, Frank Vernetti, Wei Zhang, & Carl Edberg; Alstom Power

Know the Secret of Fired Heater Design and Operation with Ultra Low NOx Burner
Sultan Ahamad, Rimon Vallavanatt; Bechtel Corp.

Low NOx Retrofit on an Existing Heater with a Small Radiant Section
Tom Gilmartin - BP; Kurt Kraus - Callidus

PM Emission Factors: Past, Present, and Future
Karen N.T. Olson - Zephyr Environmental Corporation

Practical Flameless Combustion
Rex K. Isaacs, Seth A. Marty & Jonathon Barnes - Zeeco, Inc

Flameless Combustion Safety
William C. Gibson, Marianne Zimola - Great Southern Group

My 60-year History of Fuel Dilution Technology
Jerry Lang - JLCC, Inc.

Chemical Looping Combustion-Research for Power and Process Heat Applications
Geo. A. Richards, Ron Breault, Ranjani Siriwardane - US Dept. of Energy, NETL

Use of CFD in Evaluation Pyrolysis Furnace Design
Bradley Adams, Marc Cremer - Reaction Engineering International

Development and Demonstration of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Fired Heaters
Jamal Jamaluddin - Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.; Charles Benson, Roberto Pellizzari - etaPartners; Seth Marty, Thomas Young, Rex Isaacs - Zeeco, Inc.; Joseph Renk - USDOE

Evaluating the NOx Performance of a Steam Generator for Heavy Oil Production: Impact of Combustion System Design
J.N. Thornock, J.P. Spinti, M. Hradisky, Phil Smith - University of Utah; B. Coleman, N. Brancaccio, S. Storslett - Chevron U.S.A., Inc.; J. Nowakowski T. Robertson - Fives North American Combustion, Inc.

Modelling of Combustion, NOx Emissions and Radiation of a Natural Gas Fired Glass Furnace
George Mallouppas, Yongzhe Zhang & Rajesh Rawat - CD-adapco

Impact of High-Emissivity Coatings on Process Furnace Heat Transfer
Bradley Adams, Martin Denison, John Olver - Reaction Engineering International, Emissheield

Demonstrated Implementation of Detailed Chemistry into CFD Simulations for Tailored Commercial Evaluation of Industrial Combustion Equipment
M.A. Cremer, D.H. Wang, B.R. Adams - Reaction Engineering International

Advanced Design Optimization of Combustion Equipment Using Sculptor with CFD Tools
Joseph D. Smith, Zachary P. Smith, Mark Landon - Systems Analyses and Solutions, Inc., Optimal Solutions Software

Objectives for Optimizing Combustion Systems in Refinery and Petrochemical Applications
Kurt Kraus - UOP Callidus

Oxy-Fuel Combustion with preheated Oxygen-Natural gas (HeatOx) for small and medium size glass furnaces
Taekyu Kang - American Air Liquide, Inc.

LoTOx for NOx Reduction
Naresh Suchak, Andrew Richardson, Frank Fitch and Gene Irrgang - Linde Engineering North America, Inc.