Chicago, Illinois


Monday October 5, 1981 - Wednesday October 7, 1981


Applied Combustion Research at the Gas Research Institute
Vogt, Robert A. 1981 Chicago

Combustion Characteristics of Alternative Liquid Fuels-I: Fuel-Bound-Nitrogen-to-NOx Conversion Efficiency as a Function of Coal-Derived Liquid Fuel Boiling Range
Ogunsola, O. I.; Reuther, J. J. 1981 Chicago

Combustion Inhibition Physico Chemistry of Coal-Derived Syngas Air Flames
Daley, R. D.; Withum, J. A.; Warchol, J. J.; Reuther, J. J. 1981 Chicago

Combustion Tests with Alternative Fuels in Oil-Designed Boilers
Pan, Y. S.; Bellas, G. T.; Joubert, J. I. 1981 Chicago

Development of a Low NOx Burner for Gas Fired Firetube Boilers
Krill, W. V.; Merrick, E. B.; Kesselring, J. P.; Friedman, M. A. 1981 Chicago

Experimental Study of the Effect of Air Preheat Up to 1200 degree F on NOx Emissions
Bojko, Rita C.; Khinkis, Mark J.; Waibel, Richard T.; Boyd, William D. 1981 Chicago

Flue Gas Condensation Heat Recovery for Industrial Boilers
Thompson, R. E.; Goldstick, R. J.; Vogt, R. 1981 Chicago

Fluidized Bed Combustion of Scrap Tires
Shang, J. Y.; Mei, J. S.; Notestein, J. E. 1981 Chicago

Industrial Thermal Energy Storage What Are the Possibilities?
Olszewski, Mitchell 1981 Chicago

Institute of Gas Technology Applied Combustion Research Facilities
1981 Chicago

Kinetic Mechanism for Fuel Nitrogen Conversion in Lean to Rich Flames
Peterson, Richard G.; Laurendeau, Normand M. 1981 Chicago

Operational Experience with NOx Reduction on a Gas and Oil Fired Industrial Boiler
Bell, Colin T.; Warren, Stephen 1981 Chicago

Preliminary Investigation of Fine-Ground Coal Combustion
Briceland, Charles L.; Khinkis, Mark J.; Waibel, Richard T. 1981 Chicago

Rheology and Combustion Characteristics of Coal-Water Mixtures
Ghassemzadeh, M. R.; Sommer, T. M.; Farthing, G. ; Vecci, S. 1981 Chicago

The Combustion Characterstics of Coal in Oil Fuels
Akiyama, T. ; Swatridge, R. D.; Whitehead, D. M.; Roberts, P. A. 1981 Chicago

The International Flame Research Foundation as an Example for International Industrial Joint Research
Michaud, Marcel ; Van Langen, J. M.; Beer, J. M.; Reh, L. ; Roberts, P. A. 1981 Chicago