Newport Beach, California


Tuesday October 26, 1982 - Friday October 29, 1982


A Heated Grid Study of the Pyrolysis/Oxidation Competition During Ignition of Coal Dust
De Soete, Gerard G. 1982 Newport Beach

An Assessment of the Utilization of Coal Oil Mixtures in Firetube Boilers
Krauss, W. E.; Singh, S. N. 1982 Newport Beach

Coal Conversion of the District Heating Power Station in Vasteraas, Sweden
Johansson, E. 1982 Newport Beach

Coal Slurries as Alternate Fuels for Oil-Designed Boilers
Pan, Y. S.; Bellas, G. T.; Snedden, R. B.; Joubert, J. I. 1982 Newport Beach

Combustion Characterisitcs of Occidental Coal-Oil Mixtures
Knell, E. W.; Mansour, M. N. 1982 Newport Beach

Combustion Modifications for Coal-Fired Stoker Boilers
Maloney, K. L. 1982 Newport Beach

Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries
Barsin, J. A. 1982 Newport Beach

Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries - II
Barsin, J. A. 1982 Newport Beach

Control of Pollutant Emissions from Coal and Wood Combustion in Spreader-Stoker Systems
Munro, J. M.; Bradshaw, F. W.; Pershing, D. W. 1982 Newport Beach

Conversion of an Oil/Gas-Fired Industrial Boiler to Fire Hogged Fuel
Reese, J. ; Abele, A. ; Folsom, B. 1982 Newport Beach

Dense Phase Pneumatic Transport: An Alternative for Conveying Pulverized Coal
Smith, D. A.; Lexa, G. F. 1982 Newport Beach

Detailed Local Measurements in the BYU Entrained Coal Gasifier
Hedman, P. O.; Highsmith, J. R.; Soelberg, N. R.; Smoot, L. D. 1982 Newport Beach

Effect of Coal Particle Temperature on Ash Vaporization
Timothy, L. D.; Neville, M. ; Beer, J. M.; Sarofim, Adel F. 1982 Newport Beach

Evolution of Canada's Coal-Liquid Mixture Program
Read, P. J.; Whaley, H. ; Lee, G. K. 1982 Newport Beach

Experiments on Pulverized Coal Combustion Under Conditions Simulating a Blast Furnace Environment
Bortz, Steven ; Flament, Gerard 1982 Newport Beach

Fuel Staging for Pulverized Coal Furnace NOx Control
Kelly, J. T.; Pam, R. L.; Suttman, S. T. 1982 Newport Beach

Influence of Mineral Matter in Coal on Steam Generator Conversions
Bryers, R. W. 1982 Newport Beach

Neat and Slurry Pulverized Coal Flames: A Combustion Data Bank
Reuther, J. J. 1982 Newport Beach

Potential of Micronized Coal as an Alternate Fuel in Oil- and Gas- Fired Boilers
West, R. J.; Haider, G. ; Morris, T. A.; Margulies, A. E.; Moore, G. F. 1982 Newport Beach

Potential of PFB and AFB Packaged Industrial Boilers
Fox, E. C.; Graves, R. L.; Kahl, W. K.; Thomas, J. F. 1982 Newport Beach

Retrofitting Biomass Burning Equipment to an Existing Gas/Oil Burning Plant
Brizzolara, L. G. 1982 Newport Beach

Slagging Behavior of Coal Ash in an Experimental Furnace
Singh, S. N.; Austin, L. G.; Krauss, W. E.; Essenhigh, R. H. 1982 Newport Beach

Slurry Combustion Using an Ultrasonic Burner
Yin, C. F.; Bormann, H. 1982 Newport Beach

Technical Assessment of Refined Biomass Burn Demonstration at Florida State Hospital
Varney, A. M.; Beck, J. K. 1982 Newport Beach

The Fluidized-Bed Combustion of Char
Ayers, W. J.; Johnson, E. K.; Mei, J. S.; Rice, R. L.; Shang, J. Y. 1982 Newport Beach

The Use of the Pot Furnace for the Prediction of Stoker Performance
Joyce, W. I.; Urquhart, W. M. 1982 Newport Beach

TVA's Proposed Laboratory-Scale Coal Combustor
Marcus, Earl G.; Frank, Robert L.; Barrier, J. W. 1982 Newport Beach

UK Developments in Industrial Coal Firing
Highley, J. 1982 Newport Beach