Akron, Ohio


Tuesday October 4, 1983 - Thursday October 6, 1983


A Differential Ultraviolet Resonant Absorption System for the Non-Intrusive Measurement of Nitric Oxide in a Combustion Environment
Murphree, D. L.; Srikantaiah, D. V.; Stickel, R. E.; Daubach, R. O. 1983 Akron

A Method For Extending Viscosity Prediction Formulas
Annen, K. ; Gruninger, J. ; Stewart, G. 1983 Akron

A Study of the Performance of a Compression-Ignition Engine with Modifications to Enhance Atomization Using Alternative Fuels
Bunt, Randolph Cedric 1983 Akron

An Engineering Model for Pulverized Fuel Combustion Stability
Stickler, D. ; Gannon, R. ; Young, L. ; Annamalai, K. 1983 Akron

An Interpretation of Time-Resolved Oxygen Concentration Measurements in Coal-Burning Fluidized Beds
Walsh, Peter M.; Li, Chengzhi ; Beer, Janos M. 1983 Akron

An Investigation of Iron Formation on the Furnace Floor
Ying, Shuh-Jing 1983 Akron

Cars Temperature Measurements in a Coal-Fired MHD Environment
Beiting, E. J. 1983 Akron

Coal Preparation for Coal Utilization Purposes
Larsen, Donald H. 1983 Akron

Coal-Water Mixture Combustion and Flame Studies at TRW
Roy, Gabriel ; Albright, Jack 1983 Akron

Combustion Characteristics of Occidental Coal-Water Mixtures
Knell, Everett W.; Muzio, Lawrence J.; Arand, John K. 1983 Akron

Combustion of Coal-Water Mixture in Test Furnace
Koyama, Isao ; Okiura, Kunio ; Akiyama, Iwao 1983 Akron

Como a Numerical Model for Predicting Furnace Performance in Axisymmetric Geometries
Fiveland, W. A.; Morita, Shigeki ; Azuhata, Shigeru 1983 Akron

EPRI Coal-Water Mixture Evaluation Program
Farthing, G. A.; Daley, R. D.; Vecci, S. J.; Manfred, R. K. 1983 Akron

Evaluating Slagging and Fouling Parameters
Barrett, R. E.; Murin, J. M.; Mack, G. A.; Dimmer, J. P. 1983 Akron

In Situ Particle Counting for Research and Industry
Holve, D. J. 1983 Akron

In-Situ Size Measurements in an Industrial Boiler
Annen, K. ; Goodwin, W. ; Stewart, G. ; Nelms, C. 1983 Akron

Influence of Pyrites on Furnace Slagging
Bryers, Richard W.; Walchuk, O. R. 1983 Akron

Low-Temperature Combustion Kinetics of Western Kentucky No 9 Coal
Daw, C. S.; Krishnan, R. P. 1983 Akron

Mechanisms of Effective Coal Water Slurry Atomization
Sommer, Holger T.; Matsuzaki, Tasushi 1983 Akron

NOx Control Technology for Industrial Combustion System
Itse, D. C.; Penterson, C. A. 1983 Akron

Particle Sizing in Coal-Water Slurry Sprays Using the Visibility Technique
Bailey, Ralph T. 1983 Akron

Performance Characteristics of a Hot-Wall Furnace Fired With Coal Water Slurry (CWS) Using Gas/Air Atomization
Li, Zongwen ; Han, Kyu-il ; Essenhigh, Robert H. 1983 Akron

Slag Rejection in Cyclone Combustor
Annamalai, K. ; Gannon, R. E.; Stickler, D. B. 1983 Akron

Standardized Flame/NonFlame, Coal/Non-Coal Ignition/Burnout Time Tests for Neat Pulverized Coals and their Slurries
Reuther, James J. 1983 Akron

Symposium Program
1983 Akron

The Combustion of a Fuel Mixture Composed of Coal and Light Fuel Oil
Cundy, V. A.; Maples, D. ; Burch, T. 1983 Akron

The Combustion, Heat Transfer, Pollutant Emission and Ash Deposition Characteristics of Concentrated Coal Water Slurries
Beer, J. M.; Farmayan, W. F.; Monroe, L. S.; Srinivasachar, S. ; Teare, J. D. 1983 Akron

The Effect of Pulverised Coal Type and Burner Parameters When Staging Air Combustion for NOx Reduction
Phelan, W. J. 1983 Akron

Turbulent Mixing Studies in a Secondary Combustor Model
Foote, J. P.; Schulz, R. J.; Giel, T. V. 1983 Akron