Tulsa, Oklahoma


Tuesday October 9, 1984 - Thursday October 11, 1984


American Flame Research Committee of the International Flame Research Foundation - AFRC Chairman's Remarks
Loftus, Jordan 1984 Tulsa

An Experimental Analysis of Flame Stability of Open Air Diffusion Flames
Noble, Roger K.; Keller, Michael R.; Schwartz, Robert E. 1984 Tulsa

An Experimental Study of the Burning Spray of an Unstabilized Synthetic Oil Water Emulsion
Gollahalli, S. R.; Siddiqui, N 1984 Tulsa

Appendix 1 Status of IFRF Research Projects October 1984
1984 Tulsa

Burning Low Grade Fuels and Controlling NOX by Water Injection in BBC GasTurbines
Basler, Benno ; Korosi, Alexander 1984 Tulsa

Coal/Water Slurries: Fuel Preparation Effects on Atomization and Combustion
Holve, D. J.; Meyer, P. L. 1984 Tulsa

Cyclonic Combustor for Low-Btu Off-Gas Incineration
Abbasi, H. A.; Khinkis, M. J.; Waibel, R. T.; Meder, S. R. 1984 Tulsa

Development of Curtain Wall Flame Burner
Futagami, Nobuhiro ; Kubo, Hideho ; Nakamura, Masaru ; Tanaka, Kunihiro ; Takehara, Tsuguo ; Oiyama, Daisuke 1984 Tulsa

Development of New Type Gas Burner for Radiant Tube
Sato, Kuniaki ; Muto, Shinichiro ; Futagami, Nobuhiro ; Yanagishima, Fumiya ; Shimoyama, Yuzi 1984 Tulsa

Fate of Trace Elements in Combustion of Alternate Fossil Fuels
Garner, Joseph ; Seapan, Mayis 1984 Tulsa

Flow Reactor Studies of the Thermal De NOx Process
Kishore, N. ; de Boer, P. C. T. 1984 Tulsa

Fluidized Bed Combustion of Feedlot Manure
Annamalai, K. ; Sweeten, J. ; Madan, A. ; Park, J. 1984 Tulsa

Hazardous Waste Fired Steam Generator: A New Concept
Cegielski, John M. 1984 Tulsa

Incineration of Hazardous Waste in a Mobile System
Acharya, Prakash 1984 Tulsa

Liquid Injection Incineration an Ultimate Solution to Hazardous Waste Combustion
Santoleri, Joseph J. 1984 Tulsa

Measurement of Local Particle Velocities in the Freeboard of a Wood-Fueled Fluidized Bed by Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Hamdullahpur, Feridun ; Pegg, Michael J.; MacKay, G. David M. 1984 Tulsa

Modeling of Destruction Efficiency in a Pilot-Scale Combustor
Wolbach, C. D.; Garman, A. R. 1984 Tulsa

Particulate Emission Control by the Application of Combustion Catalyst
Shah, Jitendra 1984 Tulsa

Recent Trends in the Ijmuiden Research Programmes
Roberts, P. A. 1984 Tulsa

Synthetic Fuel Combustion Characterization
Edelman, R. B.; Harsha, P. T. 1984 Tulsa

The Characteristics of Vortex Combustors for Incineration Purposes
Moles, F. D.; Tate, A. H. J. 1984 Tulsa

The Incineration Characteristics of Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2)
Cundy, V. A.; Senser, D. W. 1984 Tulsa

The Simultaneous Drying and Pyrolysis of Single Wood Particles and Pellets Made of Peat
Saastamoinen, J. ; Aho, M. 1984 Tulsa

Two Simple Models for the Noncatalytic Reduction of NO with NH3
de Boer, P. C. T. 1984 Tulsa

Waste Gas Firing in Process Heaters and Boilers
Martin, Richard R.; Connally, Carl A. 1984 Tulsa