Palm Springs, California


Monday November 2, 1987 - Wednesday November 4, 1987


A Thermal Stability Based Ranking of Hazardous Organic Compound Incinerability
Taylor, Philip H.; Dellinger, Barry 1987 Palm Springs

Air Pollution Control for Waste to Energy Plants
Yamagishi, M. ; Yokoyama, T. ; Shibuya, E. 1987 Palm Springs

An Analysis of Metal Partitioning in a Hazardous Waste Incineration System
Lee, C. C. 1987 Palm Springs

Assessment of Incinerator Emissions During Operational Transients
Trenholm, Andrew R. 1987 Palm Springs

Development and Commercialization of an Efficient Cyclonic Incinerator for Wastes
Crimmins, J. ; Khinkis, M. ; Kunc, V. ; Korenberg, J. ; Reider, C. 1987 Palm Springs

Development and Operation of an Efficient Cyclonic Incineration Demonstration System for Industrial Wastewater
Khinkis, M. J.; Kunc, V. ; Romanovich, P. 1987 Palm Springs

Development of an International Flame Research Foundation Working Group on Waste Incineration
Knill, K. J.; Collin, R. 1987 Palm Springs

Dioxin Emissions From Incineration Processes: Role of Feedstock Constituents
Magee, R. S.; Cesmebasi, E. 1987 Palm Springs

Dioxin, Furan, Particulate, and Trace Metal Emissions From Municipal Refuse Incinerators
Beychok, Milton R. 1987 Palm Springs

Distribution of Volatile Trace Elements in Emissions and Residuals From Pilot Scale Liquid Injection Incineration
Mournighan, Robert E.; Lee, Johannes W.; Ross, Robert W.; Vocque, Ralph H.; Lewis, Jerry W.; Waterland, Larry R. 1987 Palm Springs

Emission Reduction From Waste Combustors Using Natural Gas
Linz, David G.; Seeker, W. R. 1987 Palm Springs

Energy Recovery From the Combustion of Wastes in the Multisolid Fluidized Bed Combustor
Lisauskas, Robert A.; Breault, Ronald W. 1987 Palm Springs

EPA's Proposed Hazardous Waste Combustion Regulations
Holloway, Robert 1987 Palm Springs

Field Testing and Computer Modeling of an Oxygen Combustion System at the EPA Mobile Incinerator
Ho, Min-Da ; Ding, Maynard G. 1987 Palm Springs

Fostering Innovative Technology Development for Superfund Sites
Skinner, John H.; Ondich, Gregory G. 1987 Palm Springs

Fundamental Mechanisms Governing Transients From the Batch Incineration of Liquid Wastes in Rotary Kilns
Wendt, J. O. L.; Linak, William P.; McSorley, Joseph A. 1987 Palm Springs

Fundamentals of Hazardous Solid Waste Incineration in a Rotary Kiln Environment
Lighty, JoAnn S.; Silcox, Geoff D.; Britt, Robert ; Owens, Warren D.; Pershing, David W.; Cundy, Vic A. 1987 Palm Springs

Good Combustion Practice and Emission Regulations for Municipal Waste Incineration
Kilgroe, J. D.; Seeker, W. R.; Lanier, W. S. 1987 Palm Springs

Halogenated Aromatics From Waste Incineration Indicator Parameters
Oberg, Tomas ; Bergstrom, Jan G. T. 1987 Palm Springs

High Temperature Chemical and Thermal Stability of Chlorinated Benzenes
Tsang, Wing 1987 Palm Springs

Incineration of Liquid Hazardous Wastes: Vaporization Combustion of Droplets of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Steeper, R. R.; Sorbo, N. W.; Chang, D. P. Y.; Law, C. K. 1987 Palm Springs

Incineration of PCB and Other Hazardous Wastes
Bergstrom, Jan G. T.; Oberg, Tomas 1987 Palm Springs

Initial Operating Results of Coal-Fired Steam Generators Converted to 100% Refuse-Derived Fuel
Barsin, J. A.; Gonyeau, J. A.; Graika, P. K.; Bloomer, T. M. 1987 Palm Springs

Laser-Based Detection Schemes for Chlorinated Aromatics
1987 Palm Springs

Laser-Based Techniques for the Detection of Cholorinated Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Rohlfing, Eric A.; Chandler, David W.; Fisk, George A. 1987 Palm Springs

Operating Experiences With EPA's Mobile Incineration System
Gupta, Gopal D.; Sawyer, R. ; Freestone, F. ; Hazel, R. 1987 Palm Springs

Oxygen Enhancement of the Incineration Process
Gitman, Gregory M.; Khudenko, Boris M.; Wechsler, Thomas 1987 Palm Springs

PCB Trial Burn in a Modular, Movable Incinerator
Acharya, Prakash 1987 Palm Springs

Pilot-Scale Testing of Nonsteady Boiler Waste Cofiring
Mason, H. B.; Nicholson, J. A.; DeRosier, R. J.; Wolbach, C. D.; Licis, I. J. 1987 Palm Springs

Riley-Takuma Technology for Refuse Combustion Plants
Itse, Daniel C.; Penterson, Craig A.; Wakamura, Yasujiro 1987 Palm Springs

Rotary Kiln Incineration: The Effect of Oxygen Enrichment on Formation of Transient Puffs During Batch Introduction of Hazardous Wastes
Linak, William P.; McSorley, Joseph A.; Wendt, J. O. L.; Dunn, James E. 1987 Palm Springs

The National Incinerator Testing Evaluation Program
Klicius, R. ; Finkelstein, A. ; Hay, D. J. 1987 Palm Springs

Unsteady Processes in Droplet Combustion Applications to Hazardous Waste Incineration
Bergan, Nina E. 1987 Palm Springs