AFRC 2018 Symposium Papers


Flare Regulatory Update
Herman Holm

Real-Time Measurement of Industrial Gas Flare Emissions via UAS Technology
Joseph D. Smith, Robert E. Jackson, Zachary P. Smith, Steve Rusakiewicz

Flare Control Under the Refinery Sector Rule
Derek Stuck

Innovations in Flare Stack Design for Low Calorific Value Waste Gases
Dave Schalles, Michael Cochran

Ultra-Low Steam Consumption, High Capacity Smokeless Flaring
Rex Isaacs

Transient Ignition of Multi-point Ground Flares
Joseph D. Smith, Robert E. Jackson, Zachary P. Smith, Ahti Suo-Anttila

Leveraging the Uintah Computational Framework for Commercial Simulation of Industrial Flares
Marc A. Cremer, Dave H. Wang, Matthew McGurn, Jeremy Thornock

Large Eddy Simulation/Computing Needs
Chris Montgomery, Mike Henneke

Predictivity: Definition and Application to a Tangentially Fired Combustion System
John C. Parra-Alvarez, Benjamin Isaac, Sean Smith, Philip Smith

Emission Characteristic Map and Optimization of NOx in 100 MW Staged Combustion Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG)
Arindam Singha, Mario Forcinito

A Wholistic Approach to Enable the Next Era of NOx Reducing Technology in Process Heaters
Chad Carroll, Tom Korb

Parametric Evaluation of Clearsign’s Ultra-Low Emissions Duplex Technology
Douglas Karkow, James Dansie, Donald Kendrick, Jesse Dumas, Venkatesh Iyer, Jon Tonouchi, John Hinkey

Considerations When Designing an Optically Accessible High-Pressure Combustion Test Article
David Wu

Identifying Sources of Thermoacoustic Vibrations in Industrial Furnaces and Boilers
Thomas J. Flynn, Timothy A. Fuller, Suzana Rufener, Charles E.A. Finney, C. Stuart Daw

Influence of Additives on Particular Matter From Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion in a Swirling Flame
Xinyan Pei, Long Jiang, Saumitra Saxena, William L. Roberts

Detailed Soot Modeling in Turbulent Kerosene/Air Diffusion Flame: Sensitivity Analysis of Models Using Moment of Methods
Ishan Verma, Rakesh Radav, Pravin Nakod, Stefano Orsino

Better Fired Heater Specifications Pay Off
Ashutosh Garg

Measurement and Prediction of Ash Deposition Rates for Air- and Oxy-Combustion of a Wide Range of Solid Fuels
Yueming Wang, Jost O.L. Wendt

Physics-Based Digital Representation of Large Pulverized Coal Power Systems by GE
Benjamin Isaac, Wojciech Adamczyk, John C. Parra-Alvarez, Jeremy Thornock, Philip Smith

Scale Analysis of Pulverized Coal Combustion
Minmin Zhou, Sean Smith, Philip J. Smith

Process Burner Flames: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
William Weimer