AFRC 2017 Symposium Papers


Emission Reduction with Innovative Oxygen Injection
David Lenhert, Bradley Danstedt, Valmire Sa Neto and Stephen Laux Estimating Fired Heater Coils Safety Time using Transient Analysis
Sultan Ahamad

Experiences with the Digital Twin of a Depropanizer Reboiler
Philip Smith

Regulatory Update for Refinery and Chemical Sector Flames
Derek Stuck

Using CFD to Optimize Flow Distribution in Gas Flare Piping
Joseph Smith, Scot Smith, and Doug Allen

UAS Based Flare Emissions Monitoring
Zachary Smith, Robert Jackson, and Joseph Smith

New Damper Design Improves Draft Control in Fired Heaters
Ashutosh Garg

Achieving Heater Resiliency: the Role of Radiant Tube Support and Damper Performance
Walter Gull

Biomass Gasification Diagnostics with Flame Spectroscopy in an Oxy-Fired Pressurized Gasification Facility
Thangam Parameswaran

The IFRF-Past, Present, and Future
Philip Sharman

Field Measurements of Flame Scanners in a Gas-Fired Boiler Under Controlled Operating Changes
Charles Finney, Timothy Fuller, Stuart Daw, and Thomas Flynn

Narrow Angle Radiometer Instrument Model
Kaitlyn Scheib, Jennifer Spinti, Andrew Fry, Ignacio Preciado, and Zsolt Dobo

Combustion Flame Safeguarding: Flame Scanners for Fired Process Heaters
Chris Filoon

Lessons Learned: Multipoint Ground Flare Installation/Operation
Vance Varner

Industrial-Scale Development and Testing of an Elevated Flare Tip
Matthew Martin, Bryan Beck, and Kurt Kraus

New Direct Flame Monitoring Technology to Help Operators Comply with Increasingly Stringent Flaring Regulations
Brian Duck

Forced Draft Firing vs Induced Draft
Matthew Valancius

Fired Heater Optimization using Dynamic Simulation for Transient Plant Operations
Sultan Ahamad

Thermoacoustic Vibrations in Industrial Furnaces and Boilers
Charles Finney

RANS vs LES CFD for Gas-Fired Combustion Equipment Analysis
Joseph Smith and Brad Adams

Alkaline Hydrolysis Resistant and Durable Refractory Linings for Fired Process Heaters
Ken Moody

Fired Heater Flooding
Chuck Baukal

Off-Stoichiometry Partial-Premix Process Burner Applications
Jim Deller and Kurt Kraus