AFRC 2015 Symposium Papers


Adventures in Flaring: The Story EPA Didn't Tell You
Scott Evans - Clean Air Engineering, Inc.

A Discussion of Concerns if Refinery Flare Rules are applied to the Chemical Industry
Troy Boley - SAGE Environmental Consulting, L.P.

How to Measure Flare Vent Gas Composition and Net Heating Value: A Review of Existing Instrumentation
Dan Pearson - Clean Air Engineering, Inc.

Application of CFD to Model Air-Assisted Industrial Flares under Low-Btu, Low-Flow Rate Conditions
Anchal Jatale - Ansys, Inc.

Physical Testing of a Multi-point Ground Flare Burner Utilizing Low Btu Flare Gas
Matthew Martin - Callidus Technologies LLC

Emission Testing of Sonic Velocity Flares Validates High Destruction Efficiency
Scot Smith - Zeeco

Considerations When Specifying Multipoint Ground Flares
Ian Fischer - ExxonMobil Engineering

Radiation Effects on Surrounding Structures from Multi-point Ground Flares
Joseph D. Smith - Systems Analyses and Solutions

4 Rules of Fired Heater Operation
Charles Baukal - John Zink Company, LLC

Flameless Heater Performance: Two Years of Operation
Bill Gibson, Marianne Zimola - Great Southern Group

DUPLEX Technology: A Novel Approach to Combustion Performance Enhancement in Refinery Process Heaters
Roberto Ruiz, Joe Colannino - ClearSign Combustion Corp.

New Firing Pattern in Heaters Provide Uniform Heat Transfer
Ashutosh Garg - Furnace Improvements

Performance of Low and Ultra-Low NOx Burners Firing Hydrogen-Enriched Syngas in a Refractory Lined Furnace
Chris Ballance - Georgia Institute of Technology

Air Staged Double Swirl Low NOx LPG Burner
A.M. Elbaz - King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Validation and Prediction of Ultra-Low NOx Burner Performance using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Sandeep Alivandi - Gas Technology Institute

Ultra Low NOx Conventional and Regenerative Burner Retrofits
Mathew Valancius - Bloom Engineering Company, Inc.

Mesh Resolution Issues for CFD Analysis of Gas-fired Process Furnaces
Paula Sun, Mike Henneke - John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Heater Recirculation Pattern Analysis and Burner Spacing Optimization
Addison Cruz, Matthew Martin, Kurt Kraus - Callidus Technologies, LLC

Autoignition Characteristics of Silane-Oxygen-Diluent Mixtures in a Practical Burner
Bradley Ochs - Georgia Institute of Technology

Multipoint Water Quenched Probe for Spatially Averaged Hot Gas Sampling in Industrial Combustors
Bradley Ochs - Georgia Institute of Technology

Opportunities for the Next Generation of Optical Boiler Diagnostics
Charles E.A. Finney - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

A Study of Flameless Combustion Behavior of Pulverized Coal Preheated by Circulating Fluidized Bed
Ziqu Ouyang - Chinese Academy of Sciences

Pilot-Scale Investigation of Heat Flux and Radiation from an Oxy-coal Flame
Andrew Fry - University of Utah

A Validation/Uncertainty Quantification (V/UQ) Analysis for a 1.5 MW Oxy-coal Furnace
Oscar Diaz-Ibarra - University of Utah

Effects of Coal Blends on Formation Mechanisms of Ash Aerosol and Ash Deposits During Air and Oxy-Combustion
Zhonghua Zhan - University of Utah

My History with the IFRF
John Pohl - Energy International

Experimental Study on Preheating and Combustion Characteristics of Semi-coke in 0.2MW Pilot
Jianguo Zhu - Chinese Academy of Sciences

Development of a Sub-Surface Burner Technology for In-Situ Heating
Fatemeh Baabazadeh Shareh - University of Utah

Continuous Online Monitoring of Maximum Fireside Tube Skin Temperature in a Depropanizer Reboiler
Philip Smith - CRSim

Flame Safety and the Parameters that Affect Them
John Pohl - Energy International

Lower Dimensional Model for Modeling the Heat Transfer and Detailed Reactions Inside Long Channels
Anchal Jatale - Ansys, Inc.