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Mr. David G. Schalles

Dave joined Bloom Engineering in 1985 as a development engineer. He holds an MS in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. He worked in Corporate and Pittsburgh District Sales starting in 1989, and became Pittsburgh District Sales Manager in 1998. In 2000 he was promoted to his current position and holds responsibility for R&D and Engineering Technology activities for the Bloom group of companies, and serves on the Board of Directors for Bloom Engineering Company. He participates in several industrial trade organizations such as Association for Iron and Steel Technology, Industrial Heating Equipment Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and currently serves as Secretary for the American Flame Research Committee.

Recent Publications Include:

  • Flexible and Energy Efficient System for Minimizing Scale Loss in Steel Reheating Furnaces (2010)
  • Efficient Utilization of Steel Mill By-product Fuels for High Temperature Heating Processes (2007)
  • Integration of Low NOx Burners into Aluminum Melting Processes using Laboratory Testing and CFD Analysis (2003)
  • Application of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Technologies in Steel Rolling Mills (2002)
  • The Next Generation of Combustion Technology for Aluminum Melting (1998)

Picture of Mr. David G. Schalles

Work Phone: 412-653-3500 x3205

Bloom Engineering 5460 Horning Road
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236