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James G. Seebold

External Combustion Highlights

Design, operation and maintenance of burners, fired heaters, furnaces, incinerators, boilers and flares, including low-NOx burners, selective catalytic and non-catalytic NOx reduction systems, and hazardous air pollutant (HAPs) emissions. Conceived and led 4-year $7-million 20-participant industry-government-university collaboration on trace combustion byproducts; Founding Principal Investigator, International Flare Consortium; Technical Advisor, EPA Study of Industrial Flares.

Some Current & Recent Flare Engagements

"Industrial Flares Revisited," Flare Sessions Organizer, Chair & Keynoter, AFRC International Combustion Symposium, Houston, Sep 18-21, 2011; Refinery Technical Conference, Environmental Integrity Project / Natural Resources Defense Council, Houston, Feb 22-23, 2011; Flare pulsation due to seal drum sloshing, pro bono consultation, Oman Refineries & Petrochemicals Company LLC, Jan 2011; Chevron Oronite Singapore Manufacturing Plant (SMP) Study of Incinerator Seal Drum Behavior, Nov 2010 - Feb 2011; "Industrial Flares," IFRF TOTeM36 (International Flame Research Foundation Topic Oriented Technical Meeting), Organizer, Sheraton Maui, Hawaii, Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2010; Standoff Spectroscopic Flare Monitoring: Real-Time Remote Detection of HR-VOC Content in Flares, DOE Project Topic No. DOE  5(b), Consultant to Spectral Sciences, Inc., Burlington, MA, Aug 2009 - present; Performance Test of a Steam-Assisted Elevated Flare, Advisor, Marathon Petroleum Company, Texas City, 2008-2010; Flare Operation & Emissions, Consultant to companies involved in US Department of Justice / US Environmental Protection Agency Enforcement Division post-Section 114 Information Request Consent Decree regulation by enforcement,  May 2009-ongoing; Greater Gorgon Development Project Barrow Island LNG Plant Flare & Relief System Consultation, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd, Jun 2009 - ongoing; International Flare Consortium (IFC) Update, International Flame Research Foundation Members Conference #16, Boston, June 2009; Landfill Gas Flare Issues, ASME Landfill Gas Forum, The Joint Conference: International Thermal Treatment Technologies (IT3) & Hazardous Waste Combustors (HWC), Cincinnati, OH, May 2009; Estimation of B(a)p-equivalent Load from Flare, Caltex Refineries (NSW) Kurnell Refinery, Dec 2008; Flare Modernisation Project Consultation, Chevron (S.A.) (Pty) Ltd Cape Town Refinery, Nov 2008 - 2010; Flare Odor Hearing, Expert Witness, Concurrent Testimony, New South Wales Land & Environment Court, Sydney, Australia, May 27, 2008; Flare Incident Consultation, Caltex Kurnell Refinery, Caltex Refineries Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, Feb-May 2008; Combustion R&D Needs in the Petroleum, Petrochemical & Chemical Sector, Colloquium Organizer & Moderator, AFRC International Symposium, Park City, Utah, May 12, 2008; Flare Impact Mitigation Consultation, Chevron Nigeria Ltd., Nov 2007-March 2008; Flare Tutorial, Praxair Inc., Tonawanda, NY, Nov 13 2007; Marijuana incinerator pulsation, pro bono consultation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Nov 2007 - Feb 2008

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Work Phone: 650-322-9893

198 James Avenue
Atherton, CA 94027