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Bloom Engineering

website: http://www.bloomeng.com/

Main Contact Person
Mr. David G. Schalles
work: 412-653-3500 x3205
Bloom Engineering

Customized design and manufacture of heavy duty industrial combustion equipment for all fuel fired heat processing applications, including gas, oil, tar, and by-product gas burners for hot and cold air (with low NOx design options), with associated flow control and metering devices, recuperators for small capacity direct fired and radiant tube fired burners, regenerators, complete LEVEL I controls, including flame safeguard systems, LEVEL II on-line and off-line supervisory furnace control systems.

Combustion Equipment: Conventional and Regenerative Fuel Fired Burners; Manual Valves; Eductors; Flow Control Valves; Flow Metering Devices.

Heat Recovery Devices: Heat Exchangers; Recuperators; Regenerators.

Instrumentation and Controls: Combustion Control Valves (Automatic); Supervisory Computer Systems.