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Institute for Clean and Secure Energy

website: http://www.icse.utah.edu

Main Contact Person
Dr. Philip J. Smith
work: 801-585-3129
fax: 801-585-1456
Institute for Clean and Secure Energy at the University of Utah

The Institute for Clean and Secure Energy (ICSE) grew from a long tradition of combustion research at the University of Utah beginning in the 1950s and continuing to today's level of over 120 faculty, staff, and students. ICSE formed from the combination of several strong research programs that focused on combustion simulation, analysis, and experiments.

ICSE employs an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to the study of energy, combustion and high-temperature fuel-utilization processes by combining hands-on experimental work with analytical tools and simulation. This approach enables ICSE to develop predictive tools for these highly complex processes, which span multiple scales of time and space. ICSE has the resources and expertise to address and improve the understanding of these processes, which are often associated with applied systems and industrial applications.

Currently, ICSE resources are divided into four complementary, interconnecting groups: experimental, analytical, simulation, and policy.