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Praxair, Inc.

website: http://www.praxair.com/

Main Contact Person
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Laux
Praxair - making our planet more productive.

With 27,000 employees and operations in more than 30 countries, Praxair is focused on helping our customers become more profitable, efficient and environmentally friendly. With 2009 sales of $9 billion, Praxair, Inc. (NYSE:PX) is a global, Fortune 300 company that supplies atmospheric, process and specialty gases, high-performance coatings, and related services and technologies to a wide diversity of customers.

Praxair's primary products are:  

  • atmospheric gases -- oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases (produced when air is purified, compressed, cooled, distilled and condensed), and
  • process & specialty gases -- carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, semiconductor process gases, and acetylene (produced as by-products of chemical production or recovered from natural gas).

The company also designs, engineers and constructs cryogenic and non-cryogenic supply systems.