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website: http://www.cerrey.com.mx/

Main Contact Person
Dr. Isaías Hernández Ramírez
work: +52(81)83694000 x6606
cell: +52(81)83694082
Cerrey. A Company of Grupo. Hermes.

Cerrey is a capital good company founded in 1961 and is part of the Steam Generation Division of Hermes Group, which include design, fabrication, erection, start-up, and maintenance of steam generation systems including Industrial and package boilers as well as HRSG's. In addition, CERREY can advise and train client personnel in the operation and maintenance of their equipment. CERREY has business participation from companies such as Combustion Engineering Systems of the USA and Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. These companies are world-recognized leaders in the field of steam generation providing our Company important technical and operational support to maintain high levels of technology, quality and service in the field of equipment design and manufacture. Actually Cerrey has implemented an outstanding quality assurance program which has resulted in Certificactions for ISO-9001, ASME conde stamps "S", "U", "PP", and "R".