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Flare Presentations Extracted from Recent IFRF/AFRC Symposia

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2012 Salt Lake City

Passive FTIR Testing of a Ground Flare Burner Array - Scott Evans

Combustion Efficiency of Real Industrial Flares in the Field - No Evidence Whatsoever of Wind-Induced CE Degradation - Scott Evans and James G. Seebold

General Overview of Past and Recent EPA Flare Enforcement Actions (and flare assessment techniques) - Troy M. Boley

EPA Flare Activity Overview - Brian Dickens

A Validation of Flare Combustion Efficiency Simulations - Anchal Jatale, Philip J. Smith, Jeremy Thornock and Sean Smith

Hyperspectral Modeling of Combustion Flare Emissions - R. Panfili, P. Vujkovic-Cvijin, X. Tan, R. Kennett, R. Taylor, H. Dothe and L. Bernstein

A New Method to Measure Flare Combustion Efficiency in Real-Time - Yousheng Zeng

CMA 1983 Study Results vis-a-vis Modern Flare Design & Operation - Scot Smith and Ben Pettys

Flaring Minimization Programme at Saudi Aramco - Wael Al-Blaies

Environmentally-Friendly Flaring - W. R. Bussman and C. E. Baukal

Prediction of Plume Formation and Dispersion from Gas Flares - Joseph D. Smith, Ahti Suo-Ahttila, Robert Jackson and Scot K. Smith

Pressure Assisted Flares - A User's Perspective - Vance Varner

Peer review of a report by U.S. EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) "Parameters for Properly Designed and Operated Flares" - James G. Seebold

2011 Houston

Combustion Efficiency of Industrial Flares Revisited: The current status of this multivariate, multiphysics, multichemistry morass and what to do about it - James G. Seebold

Insights from Passive FTIR Flare Performance Testing - Scott Evans

Estimating Maximum Steam Assist Rate for Arbitrary Flare Gas Mixtures - Peter E.G. Gogolek

Combustion of Mixtures: A modified IFC Approach - Gary R. Mueller, Harshit Agrawal, Chris Caico and Ronald Olivacce

A Technology for Measuring Combustion Efficiency of Industrial & Field Flares (integrating measurements and simulations) - Philip J. Smith

High-Fidelity Modeling of Flare Combustion and Emission Detection - R. Panfili, H. Dothe, P. Vujkovic-Cvijin, X. Tan, R. Kennett, R. Taylor, L. Bernstein, Philip J. Smith, Jeremy Thornock, K. Gross and James G. Seebold

Active and Passive Monitoring Of Flare Combustion Efficiency -

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 2010 Flare Study - Danielle Nesvacil and Russell Nettles

Accurate and Reliable Flare Testing Methods - Zachary Kodesh, Scott Fox and James Franklin

Statistical Correlation of Flame Properties with Combustion and Destruction Efficiency - John H. Pohl, Peter E.G. Gogolek, James G. Seebold and Robert E. Schwartz

Flares in refineries and chemical plants - Mike Henneke and Miguel Matos

Acceptable Operating Parameters for Steam Assisted Flares at Purge Rates -

CFD Analysis of Liquid Seal Design - Larry D. Berg, Joseph D. Smith, Scot K. Smith and Doug Wade

Open Ground Flare systems ? Hystorical review of a recent project from the concept to the commissioning, passing through R&D activities Presentation and Discussion of the Results of R&D activities as a basis for design and execution stage - Enrico Giovanardi

2010 Maui

What can we learn about flare combustion efficiency from large eddy simulations? - Philip J. Smith, Jeremy Thornock, Michal Hradisky, Benjamin Isaac and Anchal Jatale

PM Emissions from Flares: Chasms among Current Emission Factors, Fundamental Studies, and Field Observations - Matthew Johnson

The IFC Literature Review - Peter E.G. Gogolek

Mid-80's US EPA Study of the Efficiency of Industrial Flares the Real Story from the Principal Investigator - John H. Pohl

HYDROGEN FLARES: The DuPont-EER-EPA Test Program, Amendment of the EPA Requirements, and Related Developments - Peter M. Walsh, David K. Moyeda, W. Steven Lanier, C. Michael Booth, E.E. (Gary) Folk, John Maxwell, Wilfred K. Whitcraft, Roger K. Noble, Jeff M. Clopton, Tracy Rogers, Chris Nicely, Robert E. Rosensteel and C. Andrew Miller

Active and Passive FTIR Monitoring of Flare Combustion Efficiency - Robert L. Spellicy

Flare Issues in the Operating World - An Owner's Perspective - Vance Varner

Flames with Flare and Momentum - Hazards to Offshore Platform Boom Structures and Potential Mitigation - E. W. Grandmaison

Performance Evaluation of a Steam-Assisted Flare at High Turndown Using Passive Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - Scott Evans

2009 Boston

International Flare Consortium (IFC) update - James G. Seebold

Demonstration of Hydrogen Use in Steam- and Air-Assisted Flares - Alexis McKittrick

Remote Sensing and Analysis of Unburned Gases from Stacks and Flares Using Imaging Spectroscopy - Michele Hinnrichs

Steamizer XP Next Generation Steam Flare Technology - Scott Fox

Technical foundations to establish new criteria for efficient operation of industrial steam-assisted gas flares - L. Douglas Smoot, Joseph D. Smith and Robert E. Jackson

LES Simulations of Sour Gas Flares in Western Canada - Jeremy Thornock, Philip J. Smith and Allan Chambers

Both LES and k-e turbulence-treatment in CFD-approaches for creation of the database on flare-stacks flame-behaviour - Medzid Muhasilovic, J. Duhovnik, M. O. Deville, V. Koza and K. Ciahotny

2008 Park City

Flaring of Gas Mixtures Containing H2S - Allan Chambers

International Flare Consortium Update - James G. Seebold

Large Eddy Simulation of Industrial Flares - Jeremy Thornock, Philip J. Smith, Allan Chambers and A. Parente

Sherlock imaging spectrometer for flare gas imaging and analysis - Michele Hinnrichs

2007 Waikoloa

Comparison of Empirically Based Calculation Methods for Pipe Flares to Computational Fluid Dynamics - Matthew Martin

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of a Ground Flare - Brian Duck

Environmental Testing of an Advanced Flare Tip for a Low-Profile Flare Burning Ethylene - Scot K. Smith, Jay B. Modi, J. M. McDonald, C. Little, Joseph D. Smith and L. M. Berg

Evaluation of the Air-Demand, Fame Height, and Radiation from low-profile flare tips using ISIS-3D - Joseph D. Smith, Ahti Suo-Ahttila, Scot K. Smith and Jay B. Modi

Improving Flare Design - A Transition from Art-Form to Engineering Science - David Shore

LES Analysis of Sour Gas Flare Emissions under Variable Wind Conditions - Philip J. Smith, C. Thurston and Allan Chambers

Optimization of an Elevated Staged Flare for a Large Gas Plant - R. Damico

Pressure-Assisted Flare Emissions Testing - Vance Varner, Scott Fox, Robert Schwartz and Russell Wozniak

Scaling Relations for Flare Interactions, Flame Lengths, and Crosslighting Requirements in Large Flare Fields - Werner J.A. Dahm

2006 Houston

Application of ISIS Computer Code to Gas Flares Under Varying Wind Conditions - Ahti Suo-Ahttila and Joseph D. Smith

Purge Rates: Husa Compared to CFD - Larry D. Berg, Joseph D. Smith, Ahti Suo-Ahttila, Scot K. Smith and Jay B. Modi

2005 Atlanta

An LES Analysis of Industrial Flare Performance under High Wind Conditions - Philip J. Smith, Seshadri Kumar, Jennifer Spinti, Padmabhushana Desam and Stanislav Borodai

2004 Maui

Combustion Efficiency of Full Scale Flares Measured using DIAL Technology - Allan Chambers, Tony Wootton, Jan Moncrieff and Philip McCready

Computing Flare Dynamics Using Large Eddy Simulations - Padmabhushana Desam, Philip J. Smith, Stanislav Borodai and Seshadri Kumar

Flares - Noise Prediction and Thermo-Acoustic Efficiency - Carl-Christian Hantschk and Edwin Schorer

Fuel Composition Effect on Flare Flame Inefficiency - John H. Pohl, Peter E.G. Gogolek, James G. Seebold and Robert Schwartz

Improved Prediction of Buoyance Effects on Flame Length and Combustion Properties of Flares - Francisco J. Diez and Werner J.A. Dahm

Practical Implications of Prior Research on Today's Outstanding Flare Emissions Questions and a Research Program to Answer Them - James G. Seebold, Peter E.G. Gogolek, John H. Pohl and Robert Schwartz

Some Characteristics of Multi-Jet Flares - P. R. Pagot, E. W. Grandmaison and A. Sobiesiak

Soot and OH Distribution at the Smoke Point of Diluted Propylene-Hydrogen Mixture Diffusion Flames in Cross-Flow - S. F. Goh and S. R. Gollahalli

Flare Liquid Seal Drum Surging -Prediction, Prevention and Proof - Tom Rhodes and James G. Seebold

2004 Salt Lake City

Practical Implications of Prior Research on Today's Questions about Flare Emissions - James G. Seebold

Scaling of Flare Flame Emissions - James G. Seebold, John H. Pohl and Peter E.G. Gogolek

Wind turbulence and elevated flare flames - Peter E.G. Gogolek and A.C.S. Hayden

Computing Flame Dynamics using massively parallel computers to span scales from the atomistic to the industrial - Philip J. Smith

2003 Livermore

Reaction Efficiency of Industrial Flares - The Perspective of the Past - James G. Seebold, Bruce Davis, Peter E.G. Gogolek, Larry Kostiuk, John H. Pohl, Robert Schwartz, Nick Soelberg, Mel Strosher and Peter M. Walsh

2002 Houston

Flare Emissions and HGA Ozone - Karen N.T. Olson

Overview of Flaring Efficiency Studies - John Cain, James G. Seebold and Lyman Young

Flame Stability Limits and Hydrocarbon Destruction Efficiencies of Flares Burning Waste Streams Containing Hydrogen and Inert Gases - Peter M. Walsh, David K. Moyeda, W. Steven Lanier, C. Michael Booth, E.E. (Gary) Folk, John Maxwell, Wilfred K. Whitcraft, Roger K. Noble, Jeff M. Clopton, Tracy Rogers, Chris Nicely, Robert E. Rosensteel and C. Andrew Miller

Efficiency of Flare Flames in Turbulent Crosswind - Peter E.G. Gogolek and A.C.S. Hayden